Sash windows have ruled our houses for decades due to their timeless design and elegant appearance. They have been an integral part of architectural heritage. Even now, people love these windows because of their versatility, elegant aesthetic, and ventilation. However, exposure to harsh weather and low maintenance can affect the unmatched features of these windows, leaving them for restoration.

But, hold on, the restoration process is more challenging than it seems. The sliding glass windows need more care, especially if they are warping, rattling, and have frame cracks. So, what’s the solution to this? Don’t worry, as this article will guide you on how to restore your sash windows to give them a seamless appearance. Let’s explore the top sash window refurbishment options one by one

1. Repairing Sashes

When upgrading your sash window, the first and foremost step is to repair the sliding sashes. Why go with the sashes and not any other window part? Well, sashes are the core parts that not only improve your window’s security but also make them easy to open and close, new weights and cords will make your sash windows open effortlessly.

2. Draught-Proofing

Have you seen those gaps in your sash window frame? If yes, it’s time to slide them down. With drought-proofing and weatherstripping, you can now quickly seal gaps and get rid of rattling. The best thing is it helps control ventilation by reducing heat loss and improving the window’s structural outlook. Hence, it is a win-win situation for your sliding sash windows.

3. Secondary Glazing

One of the most effective sash window restoration solutions is adding another layer of glass to enhance glazing. It is often called double glazing, which has multiple soundproofing benefits and removes dust ingress. Surprisingly, this restoration method is highly cost-friendly so that you can save your favorite window from degradation.

In fact, when you install double glazing in your existing window, it retains its original style and features. Hence, you do not have to worry about losing the curb appeal of your elegant house. Moreover, secondary glazing also provides additional insulation to feel the warmth in your living space.

Restore Your Sash Windows with Sussex Window Works

Now, you have got a list of the top possible ways to restore your sash window, but is it a one-person task? Of course not. Opening the tightly closed deteriorated window is no less than a wrestling match. Therefore, Sussex Window Works is here for you. With our innovative work ethics, you can get an instant solution to your UPVC sliding windows.

Whether it’s a rattle in your windows or loose in the joints, our expert craftsmen can restore it perfectly. The good news is no matter what sort of problem your glass window has, it’s our job to refurbish it back to its pristine condition. Preserving the historic sash windows in East Sussex and Brighton is our priority. Still, have some questions? Contact us now, and let’s restore your sash windows in no time!