Sliding Sash Windows

Beautiful UPVC Sliding Windows for unmatched performance

Sliding Sash Windows

Did you know that vertical sliding windows or UPVC sliding windows can help you maintain the traditional appearance of your period Sussex home. But, with the added benefits of better sound reduction, weather proofing and energy efficiency?

When you get your vertical windows installed by the expert team at Sussex Window Works. You’ll never have to worry about varnishing, painting or the almost non-stop maintenance. Our premium-quality UPVC sliding windows are hand-crafted to never crack, warp or discolour. Thats guranteed even years after installation. We offer vertical slider windows in a wide range of styles and colours to mirror nearly any style of Sussex property. Therefore, making your home or office building blend in seamlessly with the rest of the real estate in Sussex.


Why UPVC sliding sash windows for your residential or commercial property?

Modern long vertical windows with a slider are the perfect addition to any home. Thats because they offer that sought after and timeless look of ‘Georgian vertical sliding windows’. Our UPVC sliding windows are made using cutting-edge technology. Along with innovative design features including a tilt-back mechanism to allow for convenient and easy cleaning. The integrated key locking and restrictors offer excellent security. Moreover, while the materials are the very best you’ll find in the UPVC window sliding market.

If you like, our team can also install your vertical slider windows to mimic the more common and traditional timber sash windows. Windows that you find in many Sussex homes, as you enjoy all the benefits UPVC window sliding offers.

One of the best reasons to invest in modern long vertical UPVC windows is that they are almost completely maintenance-free. Once our expert team installs your vertical window(s), you can enjoy complete peace of mind. Knowing that you’ll never have to call us to sand them down from time to time or apply a fresh coat of paint. Our UPVC slide up windows offer uncompromising quality and are capable of withstanding day-to-day weather elements with ease.

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